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The Trident Movie?

Trident Interior

A few years back I came up with an idea for a story, and with the help of Ed Gutekunst,  we created a tale that might work as a movie treatment for a film that reflects life back in the mid seventies in and around the Trident. The story we created is about three women coming of age … with an underlying theme about friendship, loyalty, and redemption. We’ve title it The T. The Trident’s nickname for employees “Back in the Day.”

This story is pure fiction. If you go to the “Toolbar” above and click on The Trident Movie 2018 you’ll be taken to the story.

Any thoughts, edits,  or ideas are appreciated. Send any comments to me at Please note, we took the liberty to use actual names of people that worked there. Somehow that helped in the creative process.

If you have any connections with George Lucas, Ron Howard, Steven Spielberg, Francis Ford Coppala, Alexander Payne, Sophie Coppala or any other similar luminaries that might want to make this story into a movie feel free to share this.

The present owner of the Trident says he’d be happy to close the restaurant to make this film which could be a lot of fun recreating that mid 70s; the clothes, attitudes, hair styles, cars, and so much more from that era!

Image of the Trident interior from back then …Boston ferns in abundance

The Trident Movie


Trident alumni Ed Gutekunst has written an amazing original Movie Treatment/ Short Story about three women coming of age in 1974 while working at the Trident. One of them is a Manager named Dagny(?), and the other two are two waitresses named Josie and Chelo.   This is a beautiful story about friendship, loyalty, and redemption.  Fiction written over real events that took place at the Trident. The summer of 1974. More about The Trident movie to follow… and perchance you’re in touch with Alexander Payne, Ron Howard, Billy Crystal,  or George Lucas we’d love to talk to them!

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