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The Trident, a Movie Treatment

Trident Interior

A few years back I came up with an idea for a story and with the help of Ed Gutekunst,  we created a tale that might work as a movie treatment for a film that reflects life back in the mid seventies in and around the Trident (where we met and worked together). The story we created is about three women coming of age … with an underlying theme about friendship, loyalty, and redemption.

This story is pure fiction. If you go to the “Toolbar” above and click on The Trident: a Movie Treatment you’ll be taken to the story.

Today is January 1, 2018. Although we completed this story a few years back I’m having to type it into this website of which I’ve completed 5 pages of about 35.  Your patience is appreciated as this plays out. I hope to add more than a few pages every day, and have this completed sometime in the near future.

Any thoughts or ideas are appreciated. Send any comments to me at MDLomas@gmail.com Please note, we took the liberty to use actual names of people that worked there. Somehow that helped in the creative process. For people who worked there we hope for them that this might be fun?  Other than the “bad guys” we created for dramatic purposes,  we’ve tried to paint most of the characters featured here in a nice light.

If you have any connections with George Lucas or any other similar luminaries that might want to make this story into a movie feel free to share this. The current owner of the Trident says he’d be happy to close the restaurant to make this film which could be a lot of fun recreating that era, the clothes, hair styles, and cars from that time!

Image of the Trident interior from “back in the day” …Boston ferns in abundance