Kathleen Delehanty Collection

First offerings from the Kathleen Delehanty Collection…stay tuned, more to come!Kathleen can be reached at: kdelehanty1@gmail.com

Bill Graha,  Kathleen and Karen Fudeman, Trident ladies on Deck, Lou and Belle, Nancy McCallister, Pierre, Rodger and Dagney

18TridentBillGraham 18TridentKathleenDelehantyB&W 18TridentLadiesonDeck 18TridentLouandBelle 18TridentNancyMcCallister 18TridentPierreB&W 18TridentRodger&Dagney
Bill Graham who had his own table (in the 70’s section), was a frequent guest
and very generously gave everyone tickets to the Rollling Stone shows when they
were in town.

4 responses to “Kathleen Delehanty Collection

  1. Kathleen Delehanty

    Just noticed that you have the wrong email address for me!
    My current email is: kdelehanty1@gmail.com
    Can you change/correct this?
    Thank you so much,
    Kathleen Delehanty

    • Hi Kathleen, Your email has been updated and your post moved up the ladder on this website. Hope you and yours are doing well, and keep me in mind for any Santa Barbara real estate referrals. Also, if you find any more Trident photos you’d like to share – and have any stories you’d like to share that would be great! We’ll keep it tasteful, but I’m sure you have some amazing memories that others might enjoy – thanks! Mark

  2. Kathleen Delehanty

    Thank you, Mark!
    Yes, I will keep you in mind. I might know of a big ranch in Santa Barbara ….
    I just changed companies and am still in the throws of getting settled (?!)
    I will also be changing my residence by June 1st. Other than those two major adjustments, I would like to go through my Trident photos and run them by you when everything settles down. They are on film.
    Great to reconnect with you!

  3. Kathleen Delehanty

    P.S. Let’s go with my gmail address instead of yahoo as I previously requested.

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