Woody Allen Trident Flashback

4 responses to “Woody Allen Trident Flashback

  1. Remember those metal plates!

  2. Richard Gambatese

    I have fond memories of all the time I spent at the Trident in the 70s as well as Bob Lozoff’s “Blue Max” in Lahaina, Maui. They were truly “ground zero” for sex, drugs and rock & roll. Does anyone remember the burglary that happend at the Trident back in those days? Men on a small boat went under the restaurant and drilled a hole in the floor and made off with the safe.
    Oh to be back in the 70s!

  3. Yep! I do. How are you doing Richard? Any news from Austin? All the best


  4. Richard Gambatese

    Hal………Good to get your note. All is great here in Austin! Folks are starting to get ready for the country’s largest music fest…South By Southwest ( SXSW) in March. Food scene is also booming. Go easy………RG

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