Trident Restaurant Menu

The front and backside of the Trident Menu circa late sixties /early seventies. Check out the prices. Provided by Phillippa Farrar aka “Flip”                       Click on images to enlarge

5TridentMenuFront2017      5TridentMenuBack2017

Phillipa worked at the Trident in the early seventies as a hostess. Here are some excerpts from her “Hostess Notes” provided to her by the Trident management. (Some of the notes are generic, and not to unusual or surprising, and have been skipped over) Here we go:  1. Never let people wander through the room aimlessly. Tell them they must be seated or leave.  At busy times tell them about our $3 minimum.  2. You are the first impression that customers have of the Trident, so always be fresh and smiling. Don’t put any low energy trips on them. Learn to give good vibes with no effort.   3. Smile and act concerned.

3 responses to “Trident Restaurant Menu

  1. donna motsinger

    I remember it well..just love seeing it again..thank you

  2. We have one framed that hangs in our kitchen. The frame has clips on the back side so that the menu may be turned as desired. Interesting psychedelic/erotic format! Some of the management directives didn’t work too well, I slipped the server $5 (extra) for the menu – no you can’t have it back!

  3. I worked there as a hostess, also, but never got any directives. I think that the present Trident should go back to the original menu, as the food there isn’t very good. Wouldn’t hurt to get some attractive servers. There’s a reason that it was so popular and I think that it could be again, but unfortunately, it is quite a disappointment. BTW, I’ve noticed that quite a few people have never been mentioned in the testimonials. How about Turk? Or Thunderhawk who won a race across Death Valley and helped to overtake Alcatraz? He gave me the jacket off of his back for my birthday one year. Chappie, a fellow hostess who had a song written for her by David Clayton Thomas. So many wonderful people that seem to have been forgotten.

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