Cirque De Soleil Remembered by Bryan Yim

Eric, glad to see you are well and thanks for your detailed thoughts on the
Trident years. I was working on the dishwashing shift when you
performed your streak dance. I remember the ‘buzz’ among the staff
whether it was going to happen or not. I googled ‘Trident Restaurant’
after telling a few co-workers of my three years working in this cool
restaurant where I trained Robin Williams on his first day as a
dishwasher. Of course, the rookies were always initiated on the ‘wet’
side. I was very surprised to see myself in the ‘Cirque Du Soleil’ photo
and remember the event and photo. I always felt like the younger
sibling working at Trident since I was 19 when I started, living at home
and attending College of Marin. It seemed as though the majority of you
were 5 years older and forging a living out on your own. How did you
all support yourself working at the Trident and living in Marin, Sonoma
or the city? My parents used to pick me up after work and we gave many
employees rides home or to the Bridgeway
101 North entrance if it was not too late. After my dad bought another
car, I was able to drive the station wagon and work the later shifts
till 2am. Dagny and Lou were my favorite shift managers to work for.
And the waitresses/hostesses were not only beautiful but very nice to
me. It was nice to see photos of Monica, Lisa and Susan – and the
Russian River outing. Do you remember Summer Brown, Leigh, Sunny, Flip
and Josie? I was known to give good shoulder and neck massages at work
for everyone and was invited for after-work massages by some of the
girls. Nothing kinky or sleazy, only therapeutic massages, friendly
conversation and sometimes a home-cooked meal. The last time I saw
everyone was at Robin’s farewell party in Mill Valley before he left for
Juilliard. I left a few months before to attend school at UC Berkeley.
Visited the Trident just after it changed to Horizon and met a guy who I
used to wash dishes with. He was now a line or prep cook. I think his
name was Hal.
Anyhow, back to work. Thanks again for the blast from the past. I will
look through my photo collection to see if I have anything to
contribute. Ciao. Bryan Yim

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  1. I have traveled this site several times over the last couple of years following my gleeful discovery of it – always landing on something that I hadn’t read before or a favorite memory that I enjoy reliving again.

    I’m adding my bit, now while I do remember the 70’s and have sufficient computer skills to make a post. I worked at the Trident 1972-1973, first as a Hostess, then as a day waitress, and later graduated to become an evening “Lady”. I remember well when I was being “auditioned” and was told that they would like to hire me, but… I would need to be a little more casual (i.e., no bra). I am surprised that, even at that time, I thought this was a request I should consider, but…let’s just say, I got the job! Since, I’ve been asked, “What was your most interesting job interview?” This easily tops everyone else’s’ stories!

    At that time, I went by my nickname – “Flip” (now Philippa Farrar). Like many others, I have so many remarkable, now unbelievable, and fond memories of those days and, of course…it was the beginning of a most unique experience and the most fun job ever!

    The names of those people who shared the same days with me are a “blast from the past” – Richard, Lou, Frank (Dianne and Challah), Josie, Dagney, Eric, Kathy, Bobby, Sharlee, Summer, Sunny, Rennie, Marshal, Leigh, Pierre, and, of course, Robin…are some that come to mind. And then there are the famous and infamous visitors (So sad for you, Donna) . You never knew when you clocked in for your shift who might be sitting at one of your tables that evening!

    Does anyone remember coming in one Tuesday morning to find hundreds of red roses filling the restaurant? Does anyone know who and why?? Does anyone have recipes – Cappuccino Sausalito? Steak Teriyaki? Or others?

    And in exchange – I have these mementos to share – see attachmetsd
    • A copy of both sides of a menu
    • And a document that I suspect few knew existed and feel even more confident that no one else still has a copy of it – “Hostess Notes”


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