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If you have any stories, photos, or videos from back in the day please email them to me at or to be posted here.


Mark Danforth Lomas
Sothebys International Realty                                                                                      1482 East Valley Road, Suite 44 P.O.Box 50816
Montecito, California 93150 (Mailing address)

805.845.2888 cell/direct



6 responses to “Mark Danforth Lomas

  1. I worked with Robin for three years at the Trident Restaurant in Sausalito (on the other side of the Golden Gate Bridge). We worked the same three-day shift as busboys in the Trident Restaurant that hired only young people who were serious and active in the arts. I was publishing Beatitude magazine in those years (the old original Beat generation magazine which was started in the late 50s. Robin was a hoot and the restaurant was in stitches whenever he was working his shift. Nothing and no one was safe from his sketches and antics. Robin was doing stand up comedy at small venues in the city, then, some of which were venues where I was doing poetry readings on different nights. I knew his a pensive, intellegent and very well-read person, who despite his constant antics in public, was a rather quiet and somehow sad person behind the mask of his social personae. He always seemed “troubled” to me. Guess I was right–given his substance abuse problems and now his suicide. He had qualities of genius, even then, and everyone recognized that potential. He more than lived up to that potential, clearly. Too bad he couldn’t enjoy that on into old age. Big loss, this news. It will rock the world a bit.
    Thomas Rain Crowe

    Poet/publisher of New Native Press

  2. monterey morrissey

    Ill always remember training him to wash dishes and all the insanity that was awaiting to blossom. We saw the coming attraction first hand!

    • BTW, the draw of the audience was too strong and after dealing with a hot stack of “bananas” he opted for the front of the house after a day on the hobart. That’s why I ended up at the juice and espresso bar with Capt. and Gary. Front row seat to the real greatest show on earth!

  3. Hi Mark,

    Hope this finds you happy and well. Is the old website ever going to be up again. There were so many great photo’s, and I hope they weren’t lost. Hope you are enjoying your new location, and thank for your time.

    Suzanne (Seidel) Cordes

  4. Charles A. Ralston

    Listening now to The Bill Evans Trio ‘Live’ (Verve, V6-8803) recorded ‘live’ at The Trident “in picturesque Sausalito, California” in May 1964, released in 1971. Bill Evans, piano — Chuck Israels, bass — Larry Bunker, drums. Were other recordings made at The Trident?
    = = =
    I read somewhere on your site a comparison with NYC’s “Club 54” — perhaps meaning Studio 54.
    //Chuck Ralston

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