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  • Sharon wrote: Is it true that drug agents staged a dramatic underwater raid of the Trident, which is reported to have been the site of much trafficking in cocaine?
    1. 7/8/2007 10:04 PMrene pittet wrote: I remember it being robbed by snorkelers in the early 70’s. One of the managers(John)who lived with Bobby(of Blue Max fame) on Johnson St. in Sausalito, got fired. My memory is pretty hazy. Maybe Dagney was hired in John’s place?
    2. 10/22/2009 1:57 PMMelvin wrote: No, it’s not. But Sausalito Officer Patrick often tried to sneak up on the smokers across the street. The busboys’ lounge was a beautiful place in the garden up the steps. Reply to this
      1. 11/4/2011 4:41 PMbob padgett wrote: I was friends with Mike Patrick and I don’t think he ever caught one smoker. Mike got shot one night on Curry ave, was wearing his bullet proof vest but had a huge bruise on his chest. He retired as a police officer after that.
  • 6/22/2007 11:25 PMrene pittet wrote: hey! I loved the trident and all the people who worked there. Life has never been the same. Is sausalito dead or what?
  • 12/6/2007 2:15 PMMisplaced Hippi Girl wrote: Omg omg omg!!!! I have some of the most fondest memories of the Trident. We had just moved to the bay area. Hubby and I had moved from NY cause the music scene was shifting from NY to SF. It was October, 1970. I remember the first time we went over the huge Golden Gate Bride. I remember thinking omg what if an earthquake hit while we are on this bridge lol. Needless to say, i was so relieved when we hit OneWay- Sausalito and got off that damn bridge lol. I cant begin to tell ya how many wonderful times we had at the Trident with our musician cronnies lol. The waterview was spectacular and the menus were so colorful. They made a drink at the Trident called the Ramos Fizz and it was one of the best drinks i had ever had. Makes sense the new name is the Horizon with that spectacular waterview. We used to go there after our gigs and just eat and drink until we couldnt move. I remember hangin with Bill Thompson the Manager for Jefferson Airplane and Airplane, Grateful Dead and Bill Graham may he RIP etc. Hubby worked with the Airplane and Hot Tuna and basically the whole SF music crowd. We were all doing our studio work at the time at the infamous Wally Heider’s Studio on Hyde Street and the Record Plant in Sausalito. Oh, the memories are still so vivid in my mind. I started as a background singer and had the opportunity of meeting and working with these fab people. I am since back in NY, however, i will never forgot the fab times i had at the Trident and SF will always have a piece of my heart. Maybe by posting this email i might even stumble upon people i knew from way back then. That would be soooo groovy lol.LUV………..MISPLACED HIPPI GIRL
    1. 9/27/2012 9:17 PMMary Crecco wrote: We must have known each other. I moved from NYC to Marin in 1975 with my friends Kathy Sunderland & her boyfriend Sunshine. He did electrical work for The Grateful Dead. I was backstage at many shows both East & West Coast. I am visiting Marin at the moment & getting ready to see an old friend Wizard who did sound for The GD.
  • 12/16/2007 4:26 PMJulie Straton wrote: (This site is dedicated to the Trident  from 1966 to 1976 – this comment is included as it does a nice job of explaining what took place thereafter … the third paragraph down says it all)I waited tables at The Trident (2nd generation) and Horizons till 1982.Hired on at the big cattle call when the Trident reopened, I had known Frank Werber from The Fairfax Street Choir (and I’m pretty sure he helped me get through the photo line up) I can recall so clearly my training, Terry was fierce and scairy, Pierre was so dear and Lisa was such a great roll model. They all made me get really good at my job. My 1st day working the 40’s, took months to get there. My 1st night shift, more months to be ready. Oh god, I was so nervous and it was so beautiful and sophisticated… I think that’s the 1st time I ever felt like an adult.I also remember Frank’s last day as owner. He blasted ‘You Can’t Always Get What You Want’ by The Stones on the sound system and dedicated it to all of us employees. We were not sure if he was upset with us for staying on and not walking out in protest of Ron’s forced takeover. I had the opportunity to make the best money, listen to the best music and eat phenomenal food in such an amazing ambiance. I was so young and naive, I didn’t half appreciate what this period in my life would mean to me looking back all these many years. Does anyone remember me? I still have a couple of menus, a teapot, my wooden change bowl, my Trident T shirt and 2 or 3 photos I’ll try to scan and send later. I would love to have the recipe for the Cappucino Sausalito. Any bartenders out there willing to divulge the the secret? Julie Stafford Straton 1976 to 1982 **************** Another post Original Trident Alum Brent McConnell has checked in….his contact info is: Brent McConnell    (330) 263-0515 x 107
    1. 2/1/2008 9:08 AMEvan Palmerston wrote: Hi Julie! I certainly remember U. I would be happy to divulge the recipe for you. Email me at or I also played in a band w/Ur significant other, Ted circa 79, ’80 called “JJlett”. Peace, Evan Palmerston Trident alum ’72 to ’81
      1. 7/15/2008 1:18 PMPete Apps wrote: Yo, Evan:Now there’s a name I remember. I used to see Shadowfax pretty often at the Old Mill, etc. (I helped Phil Jimenez schlepp equipment for Chaos Chorus/Stagger Band and Al Lindley and Contraband/Sugardaddy.I was angry to see that the band Evanescence preempted that name before you got a shot at it. It occurred to me at the time that it would be perfect for you. Still a fan. Take care.Pete Apps Trident alum 71-74
        1. 8/4/2008 2:57 AMEvan Palmerston wrote: Hey Pete! Christ! We played the Old Mill 13 weekends in a row in ’72. But that & the heliport were a other circus….lotta water under the deck…ah…I mean bridge.It’s OK about essence thang..I was always meant to be a “side man” and like it like that. Lots of memories ’bout the “Dent” which at the urging of fellow “Dentor” (hmmmm?!? dunno ’bout that one) Eric S., I’ve started to write about tentatively titled “Take A Walk On The Wetside”..of course anybody who hadn’t worked there would probably think that was some sequel to “Porky’s” or the like..but hey..who cares? It’s for us “Dentors” (still dunno ’bout that one)…Every now and then I’ll cross paths with a “Dented One” (oh God…it’s gettin’ worse…then again probably true in a few cases…nevermind) which is okay ‘cuz she’s one of my fav persons…Diahann is that U? Glad ya found the site…and we can’t forget Patsy Petty who was the “Dented One” who turned me on the site..thanks Patsy! Whatever happened to Nancy Jo? Anyway Pete, Still doin’ the music thang..was with Elvin Bishop for 12 years and 4 CD’s & for the last 4, w/ Lydia Pense & Coldblood..raised 4 great kids, all grown now w/3 (count ’em) grand children…whoa…gotta go take a nap Peace all Evan
        2. 12/21/2007 3:33 PMKent Domogalla wrote: What memories. Found this website after googling the Trident trying to figure out the date I met Mose Allison there in the late 60’s. I grew up in Alaska & Montana and ended up in SF. I was taught you don’t mess where you eat so across the GGBridge I went. Sunday AM -Alta Mira (ramos fizz and shirred eggs w/chicken livers) any night at the Trident at the bar(Rum & Soda for drinking or mint Calso water if suffering). It was a party place and on a rainy night with a good piano player the doors could end up locked and it was party time. My (now) wife was always impressed when I would get a call to get over there when a dropin decided to play or party. Ah youth … it’s not wasted… but wouldn’t be great if….
  • 1/21/2008 2:25 PMGreg Gill wrote: Magic was what it was!! I first hit the Trident in Feb., 1970. I just had graduated from college in New Jersey and I had told my girlfriend that I would be back after I went to California. I had no idea where I was going and somehow I wound up walking into the bar at the Trident and I met Mark Sterns, the bartender. I am still friendly with Mark although a I have not seen him in a few years. I stayed in Sausalito and never went back to NJ. The Trident was my neighborhood bar from then on thru Horizons until I moved to Palm Desert in 1989. I had the greatest time manning the plank there in ’77-79. Marianne Faithful wanted to have sex with me behind the bar one night. She wasn’t taking no for an answer. If that liquor room could talk, the stories you could here. I remember many folks who have pictures on the web site especially Lisa, Mel, Bobby Lasoff, Roberta, Marshall, Terry Lawson, etc. Terry and I bartended together at Carlos Brian’s in Tiburon in the early 80’s. He was a giant and he is sorely missed. Greg Gill
    1. 3/17/2011 8:23 PMVicki Fay wrote: Greg Gill, or anyone who remembers him!!! We are his friends from Little City and we want him to come to a reunion! If someone is monitoring this site, PLEASE give Greg my email. He will know that I am a friend and will want to come. Greg, I have been searching the universe for you, Dude!
  • 1/23/2008 10:51 AMMolly O’ wrote: Hello Trident people! I came across your very cool website, while doing some research on a woman named Daina Cullen — I had read about her plight up in Placerville, California, (outside of Sacramento and off of Hwy. 50) in the little, local newspaper (actually California’s oldest!) called The Mountain Democrat. She has a horse rescue ranch in Placerville and needs help! Perhaps some of you know her, remember her and/or can help her out?! You can go and find her contact info. All the best, happy new year and sure wish I had been able to experience The Trident back in the 70’s! The closest I came was while working at Avila Beach near San Luis Obispo at a place called The Cove, San Luis Bay Inn! GB – Molly
    1. 8/13/2008 2:22 PMLinda wrote: Can you tell me if Daina is all right. We used to work together. Thanks. Linda
  • 6/18/2008 3:43 PMJane wrote: Every night working there was an adventure. The view was just the best! I really enjoyed my time there.You Can’t Always Get What You Want (Stones) was playing on the last night of the Trident and I’ll never forget the look on Frank’s face. To this day I’m not sure what was going on in is mind. He was angry and not at all satisfied and it didn’t look like he was trying to do much but get higher.
  • 7/17/2008 11:24 AMDiahann Orseth /Maniscalco wrote: Hey there Julie, Evan and those that weren’t listed above. Especially a shout to Bonnie, Robin, Jane, Marci Lisa, Marshall, Richard and all the gang. Miss all of you guys. I was hired there at the innocent age of 17 and would have to say that I pretty much grew up working there. I think I stayed for about 10 years and beyond helping Frank with loose ends after the close. Sooooo sad it was to say good-bye. I helped Lisa at one point hiring the staff. Taking pictures of the nervous people applying for jobs and discussing amongst ourselves if they would be a right match. That match worked if the guy’s hair was long or the woman’s dress was short, see through or just flat out flashy. Pretty much those were the job qualifications. Loved the warm days on the deck and the boats that would have the flashing water skiers buzz right by. I hope all my coworkers are well and life has not stopped being colorful. Blessings to all. Diahann
    1. 1/29/2009 9:47 PMJan Johnson-Lilly wrote: Diahann! Hi Sweetie! This is your B.F.F. JAN! I’ve been trying to find you for years Honey, 13 to be exact! I remember the last time we saw eachother, when I was pregnant with Diana. I looked for you, alot of things happened, and I lost your trail. Finally, I found you! I dream about you all the time and I would love nothing more than to hear from you. Please call me at (818) 826-4146 so we can catch up! Love, Jan
    2. 11/19/2009 5:09 PMrichard lipfield wrote: hi.diahann.. lots of love richrd
  • 9/17/2008 2:54 PMlinda wrote: The Trident is my all time favorite restaurant in the world! It was SO beautiful! The curved wood, the menu, the food, the view — everything was fantastic and A1. What great days those were! Thank you to all who created it! You made a wonderful experience and memory for the rest of us.
  • 12/6/2008 8:44 PMCarla Heine wrote: Hello Fellow Fans!!!This is Carla Heine in Sonoma!My dad Edmund Heine was chief architect for Kingston Trio Properties. He designed the Trident Restaurant, and Frank Werber’s house on De Silva Island.Do you remember the trap door in the Trident’s floor, and Frank Werber’s sailboat? My brother and I found an eight car garage full of classic cars from the 60’s in the wine country. Amongst them was Frank Werber’s car, the bright red convertible Cadillac! If that car could talk! We posted the cars on Craigs List, including Frank’s car, which could go to the spring car shows; that’s how clean it is! God and Everybody rode in that car! It is listed under: 1966 Cadillac De Ville Convertible: $25,000.00 So if you know a collector, please do us a giant favor and point him or her in our direction! Carla & Eric Heine 707-287-6733 Eric 707-996-1600 Carla Is Sonoma Haunted?
    1. 4/15/2011 12:42 PMGeorge smith wrote: I first sailed the Shearwater off the trident dock in the late 60s. Whitey was the bartender. Went on to own my own schooner. I started the waterbed business making beds in factory nearby and hiring RedLegs from pier 6. Those were some days. Does anyone remember the “Real people’s plastic company”?
  • 1/14/2009 9:40 AMMark wrote: Recently checked the web site views per day on the back end of this site. The site is averaging 150 views a day. But, on January 11,2009 there were over 1500 views that day. Anyone know the reason for the spike?Advertisers have been trying to get on this site – but so far – are keeping them at bay.Thanks for everyone’s interest, and I’m amazed how many people have viewed this site. I’m still wondering what happened on January 11th this year. Why the spike? The video here has been seen over a 1000 times. Hope everyone is enjoying the process, and all the very best in 2009!
    1. 1/14/2009 12:03 PMPete Apps wrote: Hi, Mark:Just a couple wild guesses, but I’ve noticed a number of links on Google, and I’ve mentioned the site to a number of interested people…. Also, recent posts by Mike Toomey (I remember him well) and Teren Umphress Lawler (wow!) may have sparked/spiked interest….Terry Lawson was a kind and charismatic dude.Thanks again for setting up this site. And your holiday greeting was a hoot!Pete
      1. 11/27/2012 7:21 PMrichard lipfield wrote: hi peter…. just a fond hello… richard
    2. 1/15/2009 2:06 PMTeren wrote: uh Mark…Jan. 12th was the day after you posted the “Remembering Terry Lawson” post. Maybe everyone who is subscribed to the blog got an e-mail and checked it out?
    3. 4/29/2012 11:36 PMMelbo wrote: Hey- the new owner is reviving the name Trident! I hope he’ll do a good job- the place and the whole world needs a dose of retro-reality. I’m a Saus/Mill Valley native and remember the beautiful waitresses there and my mom getting mad because they were bra-less! I run a charter boat off the dock there- “Good To Go” SF Bay sailing. I remember Mellow Marin.
  • 1/16/2009 9:23 AMTrident Restaurant wrote: Thanks Pete! Not sure why the site peaked so many views that day (1500+) but I’m also amazed that it averages 150 views a day. Who’d a guessed?
  • 5/22/2009 3:22 PMJane wrote: Has anyone heard from Laverne, Kathy Mac, or Richard Broderick’s wife Kathy?
    1. 6/3/2009 5:03 AMTeren wrote: Jane,I would also enjoy hearing from Laverne (the Georgia Peach) and Kathy.Teren
    2. 1/13/2010 10:15 AMrichard lipfield wrote: sadly, kathy broderick passed away afew monthes ago
  • 8/25/2009 9:28 AMCassandra wrote: Hello from Cassandra! Can’t believe I found this site. How cool. I would love to find Katie as in Katie with the nose ring. This is great fun! Cassandra
    1. 2/14/2011 7:59 PMKatie Savale wrote: Cassandra! Yeeks! Where in the world are you? I’m in Louisville, Kentucky working for the Frazier Int. History Museum as a Curator of Exhibitions…who wudda ever thunk? Let’s catch up…email me @ Hurry please…can’t wait! xo Kate
      1. 11/27/2012 7:23 PMrichard lipfield wrote: hey kathy…. just want to send my love… still have a picture of us at my retirement party… love Richard
  • 8/30/2009 6:16 PMEllen wrote: Memories! I grew up in the Bay Area, and met my husband at Humboldt State in 1972 (we were married in 1974). Trident was our favorite restaurant: we have a menu put away that we love to show our kids. One evening, after we had been dating a while, I had too much to drink, and mentioned marriage, and he IGNORED me! Another night, we watched a VW bug come around the corner too fast, drive into the water, and float: the story that VW bugs could float was NOT an urban legend! We miss the Trident!
    1. 11/30/2009 12:11 PMDiahann wrote: Hi Ellen, I happened to be working in the section called the 80’s that night and watched that whole thing come down. Pretty surreal. This took place the same week I had a customer start beating me in the head while I was taking their order. Turned out I was bending over too close to a lit candle and my hair starting catching on fire. All ended well but must have been a full moon weekend. Hope life has been good to you since.
  • 10/16/2009 12:28 AMjiro yoneshige wrote: Hi, I was one of the original bus person who work on the day shift at the Trident in the early sixties and left till the end when it was closed. With the experiences as a bus person I still continue working as a bus person until I reach the age of 62 years old and retired for good. Now, I’m living a good life and enjoying a hippie lifestyle. I loved working at the Trident and it is still the best restaurant experiences I had in my whole life and will cherish it till I die. I cried in tears when it had shut down for good. I met a whole lot of good people of all ages and background. Benny who worked in the back kitchen as a cook mention it to me about the Trident and so I investigate and found the memories which I dearly miss so much. He mention to me that I had a picture of me standing with my long hair in one of the photo. Standing far right of the picture. and I was so thin. I’m growing my hair again and its now about shoulder length and another two more years to grow then a short trim to keep it healthy. jiro
  • 10/22/2009 1:25 AMMelvin wrote: A list of some people I remember seeing in the Trident; Van Morrison, Tom Smothers, Bill Cosby, Bob Shane, Carlos Santana, Bill Graham, Paul Kantner, Jack Cassidy, Sam Andrew, Boz Scaggs, Robert Plant, Buddy Miles, The Clash, Joan Baez, Ansley Dunbar, John Belushi, Bill Murray, Don Novella, Al Franken, Huey Lewis, Huey Newton, John Candy, Shirley MaClaine, Sterling Hayden, Danny Devito, Rhea Pearlman, Bonnie Raitt, Bruce Springstein, Barbara Eden, Ron Dellums, the guys in Journey, James Brown, and Arthur. They were all enjoying the view.
  • 1/8/2010 5:52 PMLes wrote: Like all here, I have wonderful memories of the Trident primarily from the early 70’s. I am looking for one of the menus or an excellent color reproduction of the 2 pages…anybody know if any are available?
    1. 4/2/2010 7:31 PMLucy wrote: WOW! My first visit to the Trident was with my brother who has since passed. I believe my daughter was 6 years old at the time so it must have been 1976. I kept a menu for years as a reminder. Does anyone know the recipe of the Trident Fizz. that’s what brought me to this site today. I was reminiscing about the drink and it took me a while to figure out what it was named. I had forgotten about the restaurant until I looked up the drink. It was the best drink I had ever had at the time. Actually, I think it still might be. I’d like to make it so I can decide. Does anyone have the recipe?
    2. 2/13/2011 7:44 AMKatie Savale wrote: Les! I worked at the Trident from 1969-1975…from what I remember…good lord…I’m lucky I can still think! Anyway…I’ll make you a deal…if you find a menu I would love a hi-rez scan of both sides, and if I find one I’ll let you know…deal? You can reach me at@:…I guess I’ll just find you on this blog? Lemmie know Cheers Katie
  • 4/6/2010 3:00 AMMediterranean Restaurant wrote: What a great idea! I’m not from that generation, but I love to read about people’s memories of days gone by. Spots like the Trident are legendary, and it’s nice to read about everyone’s memories and to see those pictures! That’s a nice initiative.
  • 4/6/2010 6:09 AMMelbourne Bars wrote: That is funny – it was a different time all right. I hope you will consider posting some of the photos and memories. Will be interesting to see. What is the building used for now?
  • 4/6/2010 10:37 AMTonya Briggs wrote: I work at the Artrock Gallery in San Francisco, and I came upon the most amazing shop set of the Sausalito Trident Menu! The artwork is amazing, and I’m glad this site exists so that I can get to know a little about Trident’s History.
  • 5/5/2010 1:18 PMSunKiss wrote: I remember when my mother would take my sister and I to the Trident. It was a wonderful place full of SF tradition. I miss it very much…it needs to come back.
  • 5/14/2010 4:33 AMPort Macquarie Accommodation wrote: I don’t know what is more fun – looking at your article, or reading all the comments from people who worked there or remember it! Some buildings really need to be preserved and protected, and memories – they never die do they? Thanks for a great site.
  • 5/19/2010 10:17 PMBali Hotels wrote: Ah, my parents rave about this place! They used to hang out there in their 20s and they wish it was still open sometimes. I’ll let them know about your blog and encourage them to share their stories with you!
  • 5/19/2010 11:10 PMStradbroke Island wrote: I’ve heard of this restaurants… a legend in my family. I’ll send your blog to those who knew the place so they can share their stories with you. I’m really looking forward to reading those great tales!
  • 5/25/2010 4:21 AMSydney Hostel wrote: My parents have a really neat story about this restaurant, although I can’t recall it right now but they tell it at each of their anniversary party. They were staying at a hostel and they ended up there for some reason and had great memories of the place.
  • 5/30/2010 4:38 AMAccommodation wrote: My parents talk to me about this place still. They just rave about how a great place it was during the ten years it was open. I should let them know about your blog, I’m sure they’ll want to participate!
  • 6/28/2010 12:48 AMOutdoor Chairs wrote: What a great idea! This way everyone can reminisce on the time they spent there. I’m too young but my parents are from the Bay area and they actually met there! I’ll tell them to send you their story.
  • 7/5/2010 8:41 PMKristy Green wrote: I worked at the Trident with a girl named Laurie Foss we were both Hostess’s there . Laurie became a manager later on. It was the best place to work and everyone there was wonderful. The place rocked all the time between the rockers that came in and hung out there and the tourists it was amazing. Frank Werber was a amazing man along with Lou G and Lillie. Amazing times I will never forget it.
  • 7/14/2010 9:45 PMgail coppinger wrote: I just found out about this site today. I was the first female to be hired in the kitchen at the Trident and its still is one of the best jobs i ever had in any kitchen. Toomey hired me right after Pierre got sick and i started on cold side with Murray and Phil. Tall Danny was in the kitchen and we all cranked it out on the day shift . On Thursdays or Fridays the bookie would come in and drop off the betting cards for football on sunday and then come round and pay on tuesdays ! We had a little black and white TV in the tiny kitchen office that we used to check the scores on during sunday brunch. It was so busy that i just cracked poached eggs and made hollandaise all day long on Sundays I was usually first one in in the mornings and the cleaning crew were just wrapping up a nights work . Frenchie from Ondines and i would have an espresso and trade recipes as he was just finishing a nights work of making stocks for the days business. When Pierre passed away Toomey became chef and i worked broiler and read out tags as they came in to saute , pantry and set up. Eric was in the kitchen but dont remember his last name and i think a blonde kid on saute named Mike (?) The dishdogs were always busy and there were many prep people but i was the lone girl in the bunch. We had sooooo much fun every day . Every day we would get our little tip envelopes from the previous days tip out to the kitchen and usually it was about 14or 15 bucks each not bad for the 70’s in a kitchen ! I took a big ole book of recipes the day we all got fired in 1980 and have enjoyed that clam chowder ever since . Once in a while i still see Toomey driving for North Bay Produce he still is in tip top shape . Ive got some good photos of the kitchen and the front of the house i will try to post soon . Hi to all the beautiful people that made going to work everyday an adventure and a real treat . xox gail
    1. 8/30/2010 8:58 AMKent wrote: My wife and I would drive into San Francisco every weekend to go to concerts at the Filmore and to see the Dead play for free in the park. Afterword we would always go across the bridge and stop at the Trident for a late lunch or dinner and a couple of beers.We even saw CS&N there once in a while. Wow what memories! Thanks to all the wonderful crew at the Trident. Kent and Hazel, Denver Colorado
    2. 9/28/2010 3:23 PMCari wrote: I read all these lovely reminiscences of the Trident but not a one mentioned the BREAD! Not the green sort of bread, which is what it was called then, but the best bread I’ve ever had, and which I would kill to have a recipe for! Can you remember who made that amazing whole wheat bread? The Trident/heliport was a great time, from when we arrived from Ann Arbor/NYC in autumn of ’70 til we got tired of Marin rents in ’74 and moved north, south and east. But the bread is peerless, a lifetime best. Any ideas who made it? If you know, please contact me at Thanks! I’d be ever grateful!
  • 11/28/2010 10:53 PMjet2 voucher code wrote: I remember the days of 70’s, It was the time when Trident came into flash news because of some kind of drugs taken by some of the customers. I supposed not not be the one who criticized the Trident but rumors were all around. But today its a name in market back with its old and marvelous casting. I wish for a better future. Reply to this
  • 3/3/2011 1:10 PMPatti Lantz Ryan wrote: My sister, Kris, & I frequented the Trident after we moved to Marin in 1971. Bobby was the main bartender & I remember one night when a drunk guy poured a drink in Kris’ lap cause she wouldn’t talk to him – Bobby about leapt over the bar at him! lol David, the bartender, always had a big crush on Kris. We hitchhiked from Tam Valley almost every night to hang out. I was only 17 at the time but drank there. What a blast we had. Years later, Kris was a manager at Horizon’s and I was a server. I miss the way it was before RON took over – what a creep! Reply to this
  • 3/7/2011 2:47 PMDonna wrote: The best time was when Lou Ganapoler was managing The Trident, that was when Frank Werber owned it. (Editor note: “when the Kingston Trio, and Frank Werber owned it.”  Lou left in 1976 when Bob Shane of the Trio sold his share to his partners. Although the Trident temporarily closed in 76 and reopened in 77, it was never really the same. The Trident closed in 1980 officially.  Many felt that when Lou, Bob, and the Trident’s amazing Chef extraordinaire Pierre left in 76 that that was it. Many of the other employees left, and for a couple of years the remnants of what was, muddle on till the Trident was no more….)
    1. 3/9/2011 8:42 AMDonna wrote: Thanks Editor, like I said, Lou was the best thing about The Trident and when he, Frank, Pierre and the Trio left – the good time era was over. Lou was a wonderful and kind man. David “Buckwheat” Wheat, bass player w/the Trio was my ex so I never spent much time in the restaurant/club after that period.
  • 3/9/2011 8:44 AMDonna wrote: Editor: if you can remove the part about moving to L.A. and the birth of Jeremy Wheat, he was actually born in S.F. BEFORE we moved to L.A. My math and timeline got scrambled.
  • 3/11/2011 3:47 PMHope White wrote: I used to order a salad at the Trident and I can’t forget it. I think it had cabbage squares, pineapple chunks, golden raisins, some kind of creamy dressing, and some other goodies. Does Gail Coppinger have the recipe for this salad in her collection? I would love to eat this again before I die!
    1. 3/17/2011 2:05 PMgail wrote: Hi sadly the salad recipe or any cold-side recipes were not in the book . Only hot- side and soups . I used to love that salad too but cant remember what the dressing was . Perhaps Mike Toomey could remember i know he looks at this site on occasion or you can reach him at North Bay Produce Co where he is a driver. cheers, gail
  • 3/14/2011 12:39 PMCari wrote: Likewise the BREAD! I’d love to have it just one more time! Somehow that bread has never been surpassed, in lo these many years…thanks to all the Trident folks who created these wonderful lifelong memories.
  • 6/19/2011 9:37 AMSonja wrote: Hi…was trying to find out if Mint Calso was still being made, and the Trident Restaurant came up..can I get some in your restaurant? Frequently went to the Trident, saw the “Brazil 66” group there and many others..thanks for all the fun times…still want to know about the Mint Calso tho…any ideas? 10/12/2011 7:09 AMBrahna Cicero wrote: I used to work at the Trident in 1974 and 1975. The stories I could tell! I used to wait on Bill Graham all the time, along with lots of other famous people.There were only female servers, and all of us had to be very beautiful. When they hired you, they took your picture and put it in a big book that was kept in the office. Then, when Frank Weber’s friends came into town, they would go through the book and pick out the girls they liked and wanted to “get to know better.”The best part for me was that the chef, Pierre, was the best chef I had ever worked with. He could take a piece of fresh fish and add a sauce, and it was a miracle of taste. He used to make a fresh fruit omelette that was incredible.It was a different time. Some of it was wonderful.
  • 11/1/2011 5:42 PMAnil Ranadive wrote: Does anyone remember the wonderful piano sessions by the great Bill Evans on the Trident deck held on Sunday afternoons? I loved these sessions which I could enjoy with just one of those heavenly Ramos Fizzes for $1. Later it was Denny Zeitlin and also Vince Gauraldi. I am not sure of the years when these took place, I would say late 1960s to mid 1970s?
  • 11/14/2011 3:57 PMDellapao wrote: I’m trying desperately to locate any information (pictures, memories, Ralph Gleason reviews, etc.) of my father – Joao Donato – who used to play the Trident with his Brasilian jazz trio. My understanding is that Chet Baker made an appearance one night when my father was performing and sat in to play. This would have been in the mid/late 1960’s (1966-ish). Any recollections will be massively appreciated. Muito, muito obrigada!!
  • 12/13/2011 5:02 PMElayne Lieberman wrote: Ahhhh…The Trident! Such fond memories! I use to frequent The Trident while living in Sausalito from 1969 to 1973. It definitely was the Hot Spot to go to…lunch on the deck, beautiful furled wood bar, ferns, ramos fizzes, the FABULOUS Tequila Sunrise….but let’s face it, the Trident was notorious in the 60’s for the beautiful “Bra-Less Waitresses/Godesses” was what everyone love about the hip, happening Trident. I can’t wait to go back…I’ll be there on opening day!
    1. 9/27/2012 9:30 PMMary Crecco wrote: The Trident re-opened today & is so conservative. No more Goddesses. Mexican waiters & yuppie managers & hostess which is not attractive. I was deeply disappointed. They didn’t even know what a Sausalito Cappacino was. Tell the new managers what they are need to do to re-create what was an Awesome place, they have no clue. Didn’t live it, didn’t do their research.
  • 12/27/2011 6:33 PMDonna wrote: Frank’s last name was WERBER not WEBER!
  • 12/27/2011 6:38 PMDonna wrote: Contact Lou Ganapoler’s daughter. You can find her on facebook. I think she lives in Washington state.
  • 1/1/2012 8:58 AMDonna wrote: Her name is Rachel and her brother David is on Facebook as well.
  • 2/29/2012 4:17 PMJoel Kornoelje wrote: It was a relaxed and Tuesday afternoon and in walk eight Hells Angels.They sit down on the lowest level closest to the water and started raising hell. Five or six of the 49ers were at the other end of the room. They noticed this Angel ruckus straight away and started mean-mugging the Angels. An Angel threw an ash tray and grabbed one of the waitresses. That’s all it took. The niners kicked the shit out of the Angels.They were all punching it out and rolling on the floor, it was like a movie. Tables were overturned, chairs and ashtrays were flying around. The Angels were throwing full pots of steaming coffee around.Little Michael the bartender got hit in the back with a full pot.Milton ran into the office and locked the door.I was watching this from the pay phone which overlooked the whole specticle in close-up. When the cops ran in, I ran out. The Chp, the Saus. cops,sherrifs and sf pd cars were all lined up on the center divide. There were lots more Angels all through town.Bikes were lined up everywhere. It seemed to be a good time to leave.I had my own fish to fry back in Mill Valley anyway.
  • 2/29/2012 5:39 PMJoel Kornoelje wrote: I’ve heard a lot of wrong stories about the fight between the 49er and the Hell’s Angels. Here’s how it went down. It was a relaxed and empty winter afternoon and in come about eight Hell’s Angels. They sit down on the level closest to the water and start raising general hell.It turns a bunch of 49er’s were having lunch there too.They noticed this angel-rukus of course and started mean-mugging the Angels. An ashtray was thrown and a waitress was grabbed and that’s all it took. The 9er’s kicked the shit out of the Hell’s Angesls. They were all punching it out and rolling on the floor. Chairs, tables and ashtrays were flying everywhere. It was like the movies.Then the Angels started throwing steaming hot pots of coffee around. Little Michael the bartender was hit in the back with a full pot and was burned. Milton ran into the office and locked the door. I was standing in the phone booth and most of the action was right below my feet. There was some blood. When the cops ran in, I ran out.The CHP, the Sheriff, Saus police, MVPD, and even SFPD were lined up on the devide. There were many more Angels in town and their bikes were parked all over.It seemed like a good time to leave town. I had my own fish to fry so I went back home to MV
  • 2/29/2012 11:02 PMJoel Kornoelje wrote: Won’t anyone remember Merce?
  • 3/16/2012 1:39 AMJoel Kornoelje wrote: How about this one, remember what went on in the phone booths besides talking on the phone? I haven’t heard anyone remembering Merce,RIP. He bought dinner and the bill came to twelve hundred dollars. All he had was one cherry tomato. And the time Merce threw all the tables and chairs off the deck into the drink? Anyone there for that one besides me? Rainbow,anyone remember her? I’ll never forget her, she was there in the early times. She was going out with me and Peter Lawford. Gretchen, we can’t forget her, no way. When I went to the reunion at the Cadillac Bar, seventeen of my very close Trident girlfriends were there. What a crack up, I didn’t know which way to turn. Remember Arthur with his two giant wolfhounds? He’d walk through the place with those two giants and leave them on the deck. Can’t forget Captain Garbage and his boat the Loafer. He married Rea in the mudflats. She was quite a dresser,looked good even covered in bay mud. Jack Shapiro would come in with her dressed as a woman. The fire department started Michael Woodstock’s boat on fire for practice as it was condemned. He said “you can’t burn me out, I’m already burnt out” Alex de Renzy parked his huge powerboat behind the place and invited everyone out for an x rated party The boat was full of porn-oh starlets. There was Spade Johnny and his brother Donald. The Black Princes. Johnny is doing life in Soledad. I wish there was much more I could remember but unfortunately I can barely recall my own name at times.
  • 3/17/2012 9:47 AMJoel Kornoelje wrote: I’ve been reading some of the entries and who cares about the bread and salad dressing. Why not write about the REAL Trident. If you were cool enough you must have seen something. C’mon there’s more to life then bread and salad dressing. Let it out!
  • 3/17/2012 9:54 AMjoel kornoelje wrote: Sorry, I forgot the Pearl Divers. The unsung heros of the pots and pans.
  • 3/17/2012 8:18 PMJoel Kornoelje wrote: What’s it take to get my comments on this site. It’s all the truth. No salad dressing, no menus,no bread, no bullshit, Just read the shit
    1. 4/12/2012 11:02 AMMark wrote: What’s it take? Very little, maybe just some basic courtesy might help. Also, this (49ers vs.Hells Angels)is one of many variations of the same story. It’s just a nostalgia web site, chill. I’m fine with revisionist history, so your comments have been posted…
  • 4/1/2012 1:41 PMJoel Kornoelje wrote: I’m sorry I told so many lies last time. The frogmen really did not come into the trident. Merse really didn’t throw all the chairs off the deck. Art never passed though the place to tie his giant Wolfhounds on the deck. Bobby Lazoff didn’t really have a missing finger with some silver decoration on the tip. I really didn’t have seventeen girlfriends at the Trident reunion. I didn’t really see the Hells Angel fight. I really didn’t meet Janis Joplin at the dark end of the bar. I never had dinner there with Crosby Still and Nash. I never met Peter Fonda there. Nor Ken Stabler and John Matuzak.I’m sorry I lied about being a big shot. Joel
  • 4/12/2012 11:28 AMDonna wrote: Maybe Joel should write some fiction. He seems to be good at it. I’m almost sorry that I subscribe to this site but sometimes even lies are fun to read.
  • 4/26/2012 2:07 PMjoel kornoelje wrote: I’m sorry if I was mean to some folks. I’ve always been an excitable boy sorry,love Joel
  • 5/12/2012 1:06 PMjoel kornoelje wrote: I think the problem is that normal folks just can’t imagine someone being able to do the Wild Thing. Then, I’m called a liar for telling how it really was, at least the way it was for me. love, Joel
  • 9/27/2012 9:09 PMMary Crecco wrote: I was at the closing party at “The Trident.”. with Aynsley Dunbar, Rick Watts, Gayle White & many others. I loved that place. I was at the opening of the new Trident today. I now live in Scottsdale, AZ. & noticed it was re-opening while I was visiting Marin. It was so disappointing. I asked for the Sausalito Cappacino, & the young bartender & super conservative managers had no clue. I said google it. They did but used coffee instead of espresso. Most people know Cappacino is made with espresso. The food wasn’t even good. No cool looking waiters. The hostess was even conservative. Well I walked down memory lane today. And this site is the best for reminisciing the good ole daze!
  • 10/2/2012 2:19 PMHarriet wrote: The Tridaeny officially reopened last night for lunch and dinner!
  • 11/24/2012 11:20 PMDamon Sprock wrote: My memories of the Trident are fantastic! I met many celebrities – Clint Eastwood, Andy Williams, Wilt Chamberlain, Richard Pryor, David Clayton Thomas, John Byner.Does anyone remember when the Trident was robbed in 1970? I was living with a couple of Purdue University friends in the Sausalito hills, overlooking the Trident. One day, a Coast Guard boat anchored off the coast, just one hundred yards from the Trident. The boat apparently had been bought at a government auction. It stayed there for approximately four months, then left. Four months later, it returned, only with a new paint job – white. I knew it was the same boat. It anchored in the previous location. Not long afterward, the Trident was robbed after the week-end take, $50,000. Scuba divers torched through the floor and made off with the money. The crime was never solved; however, I discovered later that the boat was owned by the 60’s porno filmmaker king, Alex deRenzy. Not accusing anyone, mind you, just stating a coincidence of sorts.
  • 11/24/2012 11:56 PMDamon Sprock wrote: On Halloween day, 1970, my crazy buddies from Mill Valley and I were hanging at the infamous Muir Beach, nude section. After a day of taking in the beautiful Marin girls, we headed for my friend Don’s cabin in Mill Valley to get cleaned up and head in to Sausalito.We furthered our craziness at the No Name Bar for four hours, then headed up the street to the Trident. On the way to the Trident, one of the other guys in our group, Bill, who was a dead ringer for the Zig Zag man, told one of the other guys, Rich, that he would walk in the Trident naked for $100. Rich took out his wallet and handed Bill two 50’s and said, “You’re on!”When we got to the Trident, five of us went inside and ordered drinks at the bar. Bill stayed outside and got ready. After five minutes, I heard the front open, and I peeked around the corner. When I saw his bare feet and legs, I nudged Rich and said, “Rich, here he comes!” Bill entered the bar section and leaped up on the bar, stark naked. There were still people in the restaurant section, eating. Bill walked the entire length of the bar, then yelled, “Last call for alcohol!” The restaurant section went wild and stood up and clapped. Bill then jumped down off the bar and walked through the restaurant and out onto the patio-deck.After a couple of minutes, he decided to come back in; however, by this time, the manager got word of the action and met Bill at the glass door. He told Bill that he couldn’t come back through the restaurant. When Bill asked him how he was going to get back to the street, the manager told him he would have to go over the side, into the water. Bill had to lower himself into the cold water and swim around the building to get his clothes that he had hidden in the bushes. The manager 86ed Bill from the Trident for life.
  • 3/13/2013 3:25 AMHypatia aka Judith Neeley wrote: I met Frank Werber when taking my very first hottub at Roger Sommers, and Margo St James place near Muir woods in January, 1970. Frank talked me into moving to Marin from San Francisco, and coming to work as a waitress at the Trident. I have plenty of memories, too. Some of you may remember me as the person who organized the Trident Talent Show I put on out at the Laguna Ranch in Pt Reyes, which is now the Youth Hostel. I have pictures and still all my notes and sign up sheets from that event, but packed away in storage. I would love to reconnect with others from those days. I’ll be back and post memories at a later date, and pictures, too. I would love to hear from old friends: email me at I’m just up the road in Sonoma County. I left the Trident to go to college and studied classical music.I also remember the Persian bartender, Michael – who was kind of a snot and I believe later passed away from Leukemia. Remember Franks pal Mitch? He was a large black man who played the Sax (so did Roger Sommers, come to think of it). The juice bartender, Gary did a film of the Talent Show, and I have lots of pictures.I remember a policy that if a waitress was given a $100 bill to pay for a customers check, we had to obtain photo ID of that person and take it to the cashier. I never went to movies, so I didn’t know who Clint Eastwood was, nor did I know he was dining with Herb Caen. Clint paid with a $100 bill, so I asked for his ID. Herb was flabergasted, and asked me didn’t I know who I was speaking to??? I said, “Nope, I just know I have to get his ID.” A couple of days later Herb mentioned the really lame waitress at the Trident who demanded Clints ID.I waited on lots of famous people, it was such a scene. Rob Stewart, Barbra Streisand, lots of drug dealers who enjoyed harrassing the waitresses, Janis, the local musicians, artists, poets, and other interesting characters. Yes, I remember Capt Garbage (Chris – ran into him in Stinson Beach years later – all cleaned up and doing well), Arthur with his two big dogs, Sean Armstrong from Ireland, Mim, and the list goes on and on. I’ve got names and addresses of the people who worked there who volunteered to work on the Talent Show. When I can get my stuff from buried deep in storage, I’ll scan and post pictures and other momentos here. I think I still have some pay stubs from when I worked there, too! I’m sorry I was out of touch with everyone and missed the last blast. I did talk to Frank by phone probably in about 1999, and planned to pass through NM and pay him a visit, but never got to take the trip. I have a picture of Diana when she was pregnant with his first child, and went to her baby shower. I hope to hear from old friends. Peace,love and freedom!  Hypatia (pronounced HiPosha) (Hypatia please email the photos you’ve mentioned to so we can share them?)
  • 5/16/2013 12:31 AMLeslie wrote: I am from so cal and spent A Lot of time in one of my favorite cities. I used to travel the west coast trade show circuit with my parents setting up displays. The highlight for me was the Trident! A Ramos Fiz and escargot with my father (left this world 7 years ago). My favorite photo is at the trident with him. If it meets the interest criteria I would love to submit it. Also planning a long weekend to SF in a few months. So want part of that trip to be a walk down memory lane at the Trident!
  • 6/8/2013 10:22 AMMarc wrote: I worked at the Trident as a busboy for a year or more around 1966-67. It was my 3rd restaurant job, after washing dishes at Pat and Joe’s in mill valley, and working banquets at the Yacht Club in Sausalito. I was a teenager at Tam High School in Mill Valley, just growing my hair long, wearing hippie shirts and beads, and taking the bus into Golden Gate park to attend the Be-ins, and cruise Haight Street. So this job at the Trident was the absolute ultimate cool job. I remember a few people, a big friendly black man, who i think was a doorman/manager? Another manager who was always skulking around spending too much time in his office, a group of sue chefs who would take us busboys and dishwashers out to the produce truck, which was always parked on the pier at the kitchen side. We’d climb in the back to smoke giant bowls of hash before opening brunch and lunch. And oh the waitresses, they were so beautiful. There was a tall lithe blonde, and a buxom redhead, ( these were my first crushes on older women.) I never paid much attention to famous personalities, but i do remember a black cobra like car with all gold trim that was always parked out front, I heard it belonged to Crosby from Crosby Stills and Nash. To this day it was one of the coolest cars i ever saw. I heard a lot of stories there, but was never privy to the goings on, but we, the busboys, were always on the lookout for people under tables doing I don’t know what. I remember Roger Sommers coming in and adding on,or remodeling at the deck area with his steam molded plywood, and glass walls connected at the corners with only silicone, I was amazed. I remember all the unique clay coffee cups and butter dishes, and the redwood floors that every one said wouldn’t last, and the addition of a health drink bar up in the upper lounge that we all thought was weird. There were employee parties too. for the life of me I can’t remember where, but i have this image of the strong black guy and the gorgeous blonde all decked out in flowing hippie garb, they were the beautiful people. I remember the waitresses watching us like hawks to make sure the tips got in the coffee cup or something, up at the ordering station at the end of the bar. And finally I do remember the sailboat, out in the bay behind the restaurant, and what a fantasy it would of been to sail around in her. I’m sorry I’m so short on details and names, but it was a great time to be at the Trident. I am now 61 years young, and i found this website while looking to make reservations at the Trident to take my kids out on fathers day for eggs Benedict, fresh squeezed orange juice, and a Ramos fizz. Thanks Marc

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  1. Does anyone remember Thunder Hawk the Indian poet? Anyone hear about him or know of his whereabouts? Some is making a documentary on the occupation of Alcatraz and thought he would be an interesting addition to the film…he was a bit crazy but his poems were the best.

  2. Joël Lallement

    Today (Tuesday 02 August 2016) in Brussels, Belgium , I found and bought the album «Shining Hour» by the Denny Zeitlin Trio Live at the Trident! D.Z. Plays with Charlie Haden and Jerry Granelli on drum. An original release from 1965!
    This trio were at the right place, at the richt moment!!! Such a refreshing music!

    Greetings from Ghent, Belgium!

  3. Gail Sutherland

    Having worked there in the early 70s and given the current climate, I would hope the creators of this film would give due attention to the rampantly sexist/rape culture that prevailed at the time. Frank Werber and his 16 year old girlfriend (!!). If you don’t intend to focus on that stuff, you’re trafficking in fairy tales.

    • The story for the film is fiction, and in some respects is a fairytale. About three women coming of age in the mid-seventies. If you’ve read the uncompleted story here (hopefully completed by the end of the month) we touch on some of what you have alluded to (sexism back then). But, it’s a story not a factual documentary of the Trident. Having worked there for three years I’m well aware that there was some behavior that was highly questionable whether it came from within the people in charge,some of the employees working there, or from the cliental that frequented the place.

      The story for the film is a cautionary tale. Your comment is approved here for anyone to see. If you sift through the comments and post you’ll see not everyone had a positive take on the Trident, including one waitress whose run in with Bill Cosby was horrific. In regards to “the current climate,” god bless all the women that have come forward as the #metoo movement evolves. The marches around the country have been amazing, and inspiring.

      As a kind of “Nostalgic Website” the Trident weblog/website has tried to focus on the more interesting things that took place there. If we were to focus on the negative aspects, I’m not sure anyone would bother checking out the site. Pretty much all comments get approved here. Hopefully that allows some sort of balance. I’ve gotten emails from some of the people that worked there that when they arrived at work and saw a certain manager’s car in the parking lot they immediately tensed up,and begrudgingly went to work.
      Thanks for you comment.

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